aeternity Universe One – Interview with Erlang Dev Hans Svensson #aeUni #blockchain #interview

With more than 15 years of experience in Erlang programming, Hans Svensson is a specialist in model checking for concurrent programs. He has implemented CAN and LIN protocols and has worked as a QuickCheck expert, testing SSL, Riak, automotive protocols, telecom protocols, and various distributed systems.

When he heard about æternity, he just couldn’t pass the opportunity to work with friends from the Erlang community – all like-minded and experienced developers, and to build a new blockchain platform from scratch.

At æternity Universe One in Prague Hans presented two rather significant features of æternity blockchain – smart contract language Sophia and Generalized Accounts.

Watch his talk on æternity’s custom-made functional language Sophia to learn why it’s more efficient and secure than Solidity:

Dive deep into the concept of Generalized Accounts or Customized Transaction Signing here:

If you are interested to know why Erlang is the perfect programming language for blockchain development, read the interview below:

Enjoy watching and leave us your comments in the section below.

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