Introduction 🚀🚀 – How To Create Your Own ERC20 Cryptocurrency Token in 2020


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[Free ERC20 Token Example]
Free examples of:
– ERC20 token contract
– Crowd sale contract
– Token burn event contract (inspired by
Can be found at

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How to create your own cryptocurrency token? -Smart contract development with Ethereum & Solidity

This crash course will teach you how to create and deploy your own smart contract in only 13 short lessons.

We will cover:
1. Intro
2. Required packages
3. Setup
4. Data types
5. Operators
6. Functions
7. Visibility
8. ERC20 Token Standard Interface (Yay!)
9.1. Implementing Your Own ERC20 Token (Hurray!)
9.2. Compiling & Deploying Your Own ERC20 Token (testnet) 🚀
10. ERC20 Token – Logging and Events
11. Inheritance and Polymorphism
12. Exceptions
13. Security Concerns
14.Deploying Your Own Token on The Ethereum Mainnet Network

[Lesson 1 – Intro]

Solidity is a programming language for writing smart contracts that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine on Blockchain. It is a contract-oriented, high-level language.

[Before learning Solidity]
– JavaScript (variable assignments, loops, arrays, functions)
– Object-oriented programming concepts (classes, methods, static and instance variables)
– Command-line usage

[In this lesson]
The purpose of this lesson is to overview the structure of the course.
The course is divided into 2 parts, at the end of each part there’s a small project you’ll need to complete in order to improve your mastering of the course materials.

[Part 1]
– Environment setup
– Data types
– Operators
– Functions
– Visibility
– ERC20 token standard interface
– Project: Dummy Token project

[Part 2]
– Events and logging (finish Dummy Token project)
– Inheritance and polymorphism
– Exceptions
– Security concerns
– Deployment on Ethereum blockchain