IT'S HAPPENING! Ripple XRP Price Waits on XRP News as U.S. House Proposes DIGITAL DOLLAR on LEDGER

In this video we review proposal by the United States House of Representatives for the stimulus that will be distributed via a DIGITAL DOLLAR on a DIGITAL LEDGER! We have been waiting a long time for this news. This was something we discussed in yesterday morning’s video, that stimulus would be distributed via a digital payment, and look at that, we were right!!!

In this video I go through the document regarding digital dollars and how they will be distributed. Initially, they will be through your bank. But for those who are “unbanked”, they will be able to go to a U.S. Postal Service office and obtain a digital wallet of their own! This is absolutely unbelievable!

We also discuss the XRP Price Chart and the Stock Market, in particular the Dow Jones Industrial Average chart.
Link to U.S. House Bill Proposal Regarding “Digital Dollar”:

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