Cointelegraph Talks: LGBTQ+ and Blockchain

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Join us and seven influencers of the financial industry on June 30 to discuss our next topic: LGBTQ+ and Blockchain: Community-Powered Tech and Tech-Powered Community

Meet the speakers of Cointelegraph Talks:

Christopher Wood — Executive director and co-founder at LGBTTech
Erik Lamontage — Senior Economist at UNAIDS
Christof Wittig — Hornet’s co-founder and CEO
Joe DiPasquale — CEO at BitBull Capital
Dr Jane Thomason — Chief Inspiration Officer at Fintech.TV and former CEO at Fintech Worldwide
Sean Howell — co-founder at LGBT Foundation, Chair at Tech4HIV
Susan Oh — Co-founder and CEO at Muckr AI
Max Yakubowski, Cointelegraph’s Opinion Editor, will be hosting the meeting.

See you there!

Cointelegraph Talks is a series of online meetups where influencers in the crypto industry discuss the hottest topics for one hour. Cointelegraph invites analysts, traders and famous crypto gurus to join the event.

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