Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Industry – June 2020 Update

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Mining Industry – June 2020 Update
I hope everyone enjoys this month’s Bitcoin halving special edition of our cryptocurrency mining update! We will be diving in to all the latest happenings from the Bitcoin & cryptocurrency mining industry. We will look at all a range of keys metrics from a variety of protocols with a particular focus on Bitcoin & what other cryptocurrencies are profitable to mine. Each month we will check on what hash rate is doing, what coins are profitable to mine for each type of hardware or machine, what news is shaping the crypto mining sector & how mining can help us determine the direction of the market. Join Will from Mining Store & I to chat all things crypto mining every month! #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency #Mining

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Cost of Mining Chart:

0:00 Initial discussion points
2:25 Instant asset write-off
4:00 Bitcoin hash rate analysis
6:40 BTC production rate
12:40 Summary slide of BTC production rate
12:55 Tax implications of mining cryptocurrency as a business
16:05 Types of business structures in Australia
19:00 Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) mining
20:00 Profitable Altcoins to mine for July 2020
22:30 FPGA mining FAQs

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