Ethereum Smart Contract Development Tutorial | Udemy instructor, Sebastien Arbogast

In this tutorial, Ethereum Smart Contract Development, Udemy instructor, Sebastien Arbogast will show you how to develop your first smart contract and decentralized application on the Ethereum platform, using the Solidity language , Javascript and jQuery. I take you all the way from installing Truffle, Ganache and Metamask, to creating your project, writing a smart contract, deploying it to a local Ganache node and creating a basic web user interface for it.

I show you the architecture of a typical decentralized application, how to create a project with Truffle, how to write a smart contract with a constructor, access control, modifiers, OpenZeppelin, inheritance, SafeMath, view and payable functions, events, etc. I also show you how to deploy your application to Ganache and how to write a web frontend for it using only jQuery, Javascript and web3.js.

The application we develop together is called CryptoSeries and implements the basic logic of Patreon in a decentralized way. We will soon use this very application in production to fund the French podcast we are producing with ChainSkills, called ProofOfCast. The whole source code for this project is open source on Github (


Hi, my name is Sebastien Arbogast, and with Said Eloudrhiri, we created ChainSkills to raise awareness about the blockchain and its potential as a software development platform. Our Udemy course has more than 11,000 students to date, and more than 2,100 reviews with an average rating of 4.5.

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