2020 IS THE YEAR OF INSANE PRICES For the Ripple XRP Price Chart Bitcoin and Digital Assets

In this video we discuss the completion of the correction cycles for cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, and how the Bitcoin dominance will fall, leading to a significant takeover by the altcoins. Currently, for Bitcoin to reach back to its all time highs, Bitcoin would need to 3X it’s current prices. However, for the XRP chart, it would need to 18X it’s current prices. This simple math shows that the dominance for Bitcoin will fall, as altcoins like XRP, Ethereum, and various alts recover back their share of the market.

In this video I discuss my price prediction for the crypto market, and how I believe Bitcoin will reach nearly $75,000. And if we consider that the Bitcoin Dominance will fall to around 15%, we can assume the multipliers added to the altcoins would take them to significantly higher gains. While we are all waiting on some type of XRP News to really give the market the push we need, many times we see the news come later, because the insiders already know the important news.

We also discuss the current stage of the cycle for the Dow Jones and the DXY.

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