Cryptocurrency Mining Shed Build – Part 4 – SNAKE!!!

It is time for another cryptocurrency mining shed build update. We are in the home stretch to get this finished up. We are installing some vents, sharing water management strategies, talking drip plates, talking heat and SNAKE!!!!!!!!

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Crypto Mining Shed Flooring – 0:30
Crypto Mining Shed Radiant Barrier – 4:00
Crypto Mining Shed Air Flow Design – 5:00
Crypto Mining Shed Short Electrical Overview – 6:15
Crypto Mining Shed Air Filters – 8:10
Crypto Mining Shed Fan, Frame and Drip Plate – 13:30
Crypto Mining Shed Vent Strategy – 19:00

👾 Wrath of Ashardalon Board Game –
⚙️ Metal Mesh Filters Used:
⚙️ 1″ Offset Clips to hold filters in place:
🔥 Solar Lights:
⚙️ Wyze Cameras Used:
⚙️ New 2nd Row Vent Coming:

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▶️ Our Favorite GPU’s for Mining in 2020:
⚙️EVGA 1660 Super:
⚙️AMD Radeon 5700XT:
⚙️AMD Radeon 5600Xt:
⚙️AMD Radeon VII:

🔥 Favorite Processors for Mining Monero RandomX:
Ryzen 7 1700:
Ryzen 5 2600:
Ryzen 7 3800x:
🔥 Recommended Processor for CPU Mining:

🔥 Faster Memory for Mining Monero:
⚙️ Basic Memory for Mining:

▶️ Vent Fan Used to vent heat:
▶️ 3.5″ Display with HDMI used on Rigs: 

💽 Best Book I’ve Read: “Ready Player One” –
Audio Book:

⚙️Gear Used for the Crypto Shed Mining Farm Build:
Nerdgearz PDU:
Trip Lite PDU:
Mining Rack (Shelves):
Shelf Liners:
Fan Used:
Fan Remote Control (Thermostat) Kit:
110v to 220v C14 Adapters:
Google Mesh Network WiFi:
Zip Ties (the Swiss Army Knife for Mining):
Dry Wall Screws that work well for me:


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