ETH BTC Flippening – Bitcoin Today [July 1st 2020]

In today’s article we talk about Zimbabwe halting mobile transactions because of their hyperinflation. The crypto Market being eerily quiet while Bitcoin stuck at $9,000, and the ethereum bitcoin flippening… because the Internet is a thing. We also go over the current top cryptocurrency prices as well as a brief analysis on bitcoin to see where the price might go in the future.
Ethereum may soon become the number 1 cryptocurrency. Ethereum Bitcoin Flippening is getting closer everyday. Zimbabwe halts mobile transactions.

The current prices of Bitcoin is at $9,168.05 up 0.03%
The current prices of Ethereum is at $227.82 up 0.27%
The current prices of EOS is at $2.38 up 0.27%
The current prices of Litecoin is at $41.61 up 0.66%
The current prices of XRP is at $0.176112 down 0.36%

Reference Article:
Zimbabwe Halts Mobile Transactions as Hyperinflation Spurs Currency Flight

Crypto Market Eerily Quiet as Bitcoin Stuck Near $9K

The ETH/BTC ‘Flippening’ Is 53% Complete According to New Index

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